Cinemosity 8 – Future Assassin Lady: the Movie

Cinemosity 8 – Future Assassin Lady: the Movie


Cinemosity is back, sorry for being a day late! Kelly Rowland at the Grammys was EVERYTHING, 2 Chainz came a close second with his CAPE, and a bunch of other stuff. Then a review of Aeon Flux, a drab, wimpy movie adaptation of the cult favorite animation. Just go watch the real thing at Liquid Television dot com instead. Next week’s movie is Berserker: Hell’s Warrior starring Craig Sheffer and Patrick Bergin! It’s available on both Netflix Watch Instantly and Amazon Prime Instant Video and the trailer is under the gossip links. Enjoy!

Philly Loves Women in Horror
Lia Scott Price
Quirk Films
Deviant Pictures
Kimyoo Films
Lil’ Mama somehow cast as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez for TLC biopic
Rejoice! Do No Harm is cancelled after 2 episodes!
Lindsay Lohan moves back in with her mom. That won’t end well
G4 to be rebranded as the Esquire Channel
Keyshia Cole still talking shit on Twitter, still getting owned on Twitter
Jlo saves Adele from strange Ukrainian comedian weirdo
Katie Holmes wants to be on Dancing With the Stars hoping other celebrities will give her advice on how to pick a decent script
Pitt-Jolie kids might make more money a week than you do
Helena Bonham-Carter and Dominic West to play Liz and Dick in BBC production. Instantly guaranteed to be better than the Lifetime version

Trailer Movie "Berserker: Hell's Warrior" by univerchi

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