The Super Jawncast 81 – Mary Poppins Humor

The Super Jawncast 81 – Mary Poppins Humor


This week the guys look at some TV: Do No Harm, King of the Nerds and The Americans. Then some tech news with the recent Blackberry announcements and the reports of very weak sales on Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Then there’s some sporting event or other that happened Sunday night, the guys talk about it before it happened, causing the conversation to not be terribly relevant. YOU WILL LISTEN ANYWAY. Plus, can you develop a career in today’s economy based on Dick Van Dyke’s Character from Mary Poppins? Why not? Please support us by clicking on the banners over on the right side of the page there, we’ll be your best friend!

Do No Harm has worst in-season premier in network history
King of the Nerds. We hates it.
The Americans
New Blackberry Z10 looks really quite nice.
Did you know that they only just changed their name to “Blackberry” and they used to be called RIM?
Things not looking so great for Microsoft’s Surface tablet

Nerdy Little Secrets
The Making of South Park: 6 Days to Air
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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