The Super Jawncast 82 – Just One More Thing

The Super Jawncast 82 – Just One More Thing


It’s a new, somewhat unfocused episode of The Super Jawncast, spontaneously dedicated to the memory of the great Peter Faulk. The guys ramble through a variety of topics including the Super Bowl and career longevity in basketball, Fast and Furious 6, Warm Bodies, a glass made specifically for drinking IPAs and the TRUE reason people have smart phones. Enjoy! Share, rate and subscribe! Oh and just one more thing: click our affiliate links please.

Fast and Furious 6 trailer
What’s Your Price dot com
The Million Dollar Man entrance music
Warm Bodies trailer
IPA glassware
The offending Kotaku article

Nerdy Little Secrets
Indie Game: the Movie
Subway Surfers for Android
Saranac White IPA

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