Ubuntu Coming to Tablets

Ubuntu Coming to Tablets


Linux is an open source operating system which due to it’s open nature has been taken in different directions by different developers, the most popular version of Linux being Ubuntu. Ubuntu has even been shipped with systems from the lives of Lenovo and HP as a cheaper alternative to Windows. Linux was arguably the only open source OS of any importance until Google released Android. Usually aimed at the PC enthusiast crowd while Android has gone after the portable market, the versatility of Linux is being pushed by Canonical, the organization behind the development of Ubuntu. Having previously announced Ubuntu for phones it should not come as too much of a surprise that Ubuntu has now been announced for tablets too. Certainly, the Unity Bar that Ubuntu introduced fairly recently would look to be a good fit for mobile devices and the screenshots and videos after the break show off an extremely attractive GUI and is working hard to visually wow without functionality suffer in the process. What with Samsung set to introduce their own OS and now Ubuntu stepping into the ring, it’s going to be an interesting year in mobile tech.






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