Cinemosity 13 – Internet Isolation System

Cinemosity 13 – Internet Isolation System

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Put the sizzurp down, Cinemosity is back! Sorry we missed a week but there’s real life ‘n’ shit. The important thing is that we’re back with that gossip you crave and the movie reviews that you…. also like. More breakups, Terrence Howard being a bitch, and Justin Bieber crying. Then the movie is 80’s camp classic Earth Girls Are Easy starring Geena Davis at maybe her most gorgeous, Jeff Goldblum also at his most gorgeous, early film roles for Jim Carey and Damon Wayans and a multitude of other cameos and appearances! Our movie for next week is prime 90’s cheese starring Brigitte Nielsen, Richard Moll and Craig Fairbrass is Galaxis AKA Terminal Force and is available on Netflix Watch Instantly. All of the gossip links and the trailer for Galaxis are available after the break. Please support us in any way you can and thanks for listening!

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Dumbest Tweets dot com
Love’s young dream is dead, Miley Cyrus breakup
Bradley Cooper gets 20 year old girlfriend after saying Jennifer Lawrence was too young for him
Terrence Howard blames black people for his marriage sucking, rather than it being because he’s a douchebag
Emily Blunt playing Princess Diana in second of two Princess Diana movies
Selena Gomez made Bieber cry, we smile and Bieber fans lose their shit
Omarosa might sue La Toya Jackson because she sucks.
Love’s young dream is dead again, Katy Perry and John Mayer split. The world dreads who that asshole gets to dip his wick in next
Lil’ Wayne survives sizzurp binge

Terminal Force/Galaxis trailer

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