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Cinemosity 14 – Praise Robot Jesus

galaxisPraise Robot Jesus Cinemosity has returned! The gang takes a look at all of the gossip worth your time, then checks out a particularly odious mid-90’s sci-fi movie called Galaxis (AKA Terminal Force and lots of other terrible names). It stars Brigitte Nielsen, Richard Moll and even a small part for The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi in probably the most half-assed ripoff of The Terminator ever devised. Next week is the delightfully goofy 70’s disaster Roller Boogie starring Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame which you can watch on Netflix Watch Instantly Amazon Prime Video (pssst… somebody also put the whole movie on Youtube too). Check out the awesome highlight clips from Galaxis after the break and share, rate, and love us! LOVE US!

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Tilda Swinton taking naps in a glass box = art
Eva Mendes afraid extreme hotness not enough to stop her losing Ryan Gosling to Rachel McAdams
That son of a bitch Seth MacFarlane breaks up with Daenerys Targaryen to date Charlize Theron instead? WHAT THE FUCK?!
Joe Jonas says sex tape is fake. Whatever zzzzzzzzzz
Soulja Boy loves his sizzurp
Kimye might fly to Paris for the birth of little baby Kurrency
Sean Penn’s son an even bigger douche than his father
Rick Ross raps about date rape. My hand is getting sore from all of the facepalms.
Rihanna hooking up with Dane Cook? #NO
Rihanna does something awful sweet for some fans too
George St. Pierre is going to be a bad guy in the next Captain America movie
International trailer for The Wolverine is bitchin’

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