The Super Jawncast 87 – Antfarm

The Super Jawncast 87 – Antfarm


Ants! Keep them away from your gentiles! Also, don’t make bread that looks like them either. Anyway, the guys are back and we gotta heck of a show for you. Martin implores you to give The Showdown Effect a look on Steam so he has people to play with and there’s a quick looks at a couple of new movie trailers (embedded after the break). Then there’s a very spirited discussion on the recent Kickstarter Veronica Mars movie project and a look at the deep, violently angry love one man has for an obscure 80’s Canadian cartoon.

Make sure you watch The Warrior Show so you too may enjoy the insanity of a crazed ex-wrestler yelling at pasty douchebags for half an hour. Plus next week’s show will make a bit more sense.

There’s also the first of Tom’s new weekly questions for both his cohosts and you lot listening out there and it goes as follows:
What video games did you love and desperately want sequels to which never happened, or there were sequels and they sucked?
Let us know at jawncast at nerdylittlesecret dot com or through the social media links below. Also, please check out our sponsors on the left if you can, we would really appreciate it. Thanks for listening

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Links and Videos
Yes, Antfarm Dickhole is a real movie. Don’t watch it. Don’t do it.
Vagina Bread. NSFW. Yeah, I use that warning for this but not Antfarm Dickhole.
Veronica Mars Kickstarter
“Any Hobo With A Shotgun comments will be removed as the film is a slap in the face to real Raccoon purists like myself
“Run With Us” – Lisa Lougheed

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