The Super Jawncast 85 – Both Ends

The Super Jawncast 85 – Both Ends

locutusJawnstronauts big and small, welcome to episode 85. Unfortunately Tom was unavailable for the podcast due to gastro-intestinal issues however the guys were very lucky to find a last minute replacement, Justin of The Digitized Ramblings of the 8-Bit Animal! He joins Martin and Bill to talk some video game news including poor Wii U sales and CliffyB formally of Epic talkaing about the video game business being “in turmoil”. There’s also some entertainment news to whet your appetite such as a new Fathom Events Star Trek: TNG screening and Sam Raimi saying he wants to write Evil Dead 4. Please share us, rate us, drop us a line through your preferred line of communication, please check out our affiliate links to support us and thank you very much for listening!

News Links
58% of adults think video games cause violent behavior. 33% of adults also don’t give a shit what their kids are playing.
In Japan, Wii U is now selling less a week than PS Vita, highest game on sales charts is in 13th place.
CliffyB says video game industry in turmoil. Possibly worst since 80’s crash.
Fathom Events to broadcast Star Trek:TNG The Best of Both Worlds parts 1&2 on April 25th.
David Duchovny asks fans to write to Fox and tell them to make another X-Files movie.
Sam Raimi says he’s going to work on an Evil Dead 4 script this summer? Probably more nerd trolling.
J. Michael Straczynski to relaunch ‘Joe’s Comics’ at Image Comics next spring

Nerdy Little Secrets
Space Hulk Death Angel CCG
Dynamite Jack on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux
Metal Storm for NES

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