The Super Jawncast 86 – Mayonnaise

The Super Jawncast 86 – Mayonnaise

Tom is insaneYes, we’re back. Tom’s back too and boy oh boy, he missed you too. There’s video game news, Kickstarters, wacky Twitter accounts, all kinda jawns and jawn-like things. Plus some good juicy Kevin Smith hate and Martin getting interrupted approximately eight thousand times. Click our links, share us, love us, exploit us.

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Pulse on Kickstarter
Restore the Roxy on Kickstarter
Tomb Raider’s writer discusses the press, gender, and Lara Croft’s body count
Deus Ex movie coming
New Deus Ex game too or something
Tom’s beer pick for the week the Pennsylvania Pale Ale

Nerdy Little Secrets
Tomb Raider
Vector for Android

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