The Super Jawncast 88 – Squats

The Super Jawncast 88 – Squats

warrior88Another week, another dive into the world of The Super Jawncast. The guys talk about a disturbing trend in Party Commercials before moving on to the latest games Capcom is reviving for new consoles, the answers to Tom’s questions of the week and a look at the magnificent seconds episode of The Warrior Show starring former WWF star The Ultimate Warrior. Watch the show for yourself and enjoy what is an utterly unique reality TV show starring a 52 year old man yell and scream for 20 minutes. There’s also your standard irreverence and vulgarity that you have to enjoy while you can as Tom is going to Ireland for two weeks. Not to worry though, Shareef Jackson is making his return the show thereby increasing the coolness of the show by 100%. Please click our links, share and interact with us and take a moment to answer Tom’s question for the week:

Which (theoretically) famous person do you think has had the most unmitigated gall to claim they can give you advice on a particular subject? Tell us in the comments or social media links below or email us at jawncast at nerdylittlesecret dot com.

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The Warrior Show w/ I See Stars
Apparently Amanda Bynes tweets stupid shit
Capcom bringing Ducktales to modern consoles
Capcom also bringing their Dungeons & Dragons arcade games too

Nerdy Little Secrets
Serious Sam DD for Steam and Xbox Live Arcade
Alka Seltzer Cold Capsules

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