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Cinemosity 15 – The Linda Blair Rule

roller-boogieGossip, and Roller Boogie. Roller Boogie is a really horrible movie and if you watched it because of us, we apologize. It was absolute drivel and we should have watched Skatetown USA instead. What makes us sadder is that Linda Blair seems like an absolutely wonderful, amazing lady who we’d all like go to brunch with. Hopefully our next movie I’m Not Jesus Mommy is a little bit better. At least it has a funny name and Linda Blair isn’t in it.

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Gossip Links
That one Kardashian fucking sucks
Rihanna is better than you
Janet tells everybody else to go fuck themselves, she’s going to be a Princess
Dream and Keyshia Cole cause black hole of nobody fucking cares-ness.
Jada says Will Smith can do whatever he wants. That’s dumb. She looks weird too.
Rosario Dawson broke up with Danny Boyle and has been seen with Michael Fassbender
Lena Headey is broke
Ray J is a pathetic attention-seeking pile of shit
Wesley Snipes gets out of jail. Probably wasn’t forced to take part in an underground convict pit fighting ring
Halle Berry is going to have a very pretty baby
Magic Johnson is awesome, speaks on son coming out

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