The Super Jawncast 92 – God Save the Queen

The Super Jawncast 92 – God Save the Queen


God Save the Queen! She IS in fact a human being despite what those scamps The Sex Pistols might have you believe. How useful of one is open to debate however. Anyway, there is much talk of Marvel movies, Star Wars getting beaten into the ground by 2021, and the awesomeness that is Ubisoft’s promotional campaign for Farcry 3 Blood Dragon. Then we mention the hot new craze sweeping the nation of stupid white teenagers: the Condom Challenge! There are also movie reviews! Room 237, 42 and Trance all get a looksee. You still have a week to get those Manborg Philly tickets too! Thanks for listening, please share, subscribe, click our affiliate links and all that jazz.

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