The Super Jawncast 93 – Half the Brain That You Do

The Super Jawncast 93 – Half the Brain That You Do


Episode 93 is here and it’s a two man team this time as Tom once again has fluids pouring out of him from all of his holes. Nevertheless Martin and Bill find plenty to talk about. Jawnbits include ordering pizza from your Xbox, Microsoft’s announcement for the announcement of the next Xbox (might involve pizza), the Android Apocalypse, Futurama getting cancelled and a Scream TV show? Why? Then they talk about the theatrical screening of Star Trek TNG’s The Best of Both Worlds (plus nerds, they’re rude) and Zack Braff’s Kickstarter. Then things are rounded out with reviews of Oblivion and Pain and Gain. Plus the ice cream truck is back. Yay. Please rate, share and subscribe, we’ll be your best friends.

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