The Super Jawncast 95 – Admiral Robocop

The Super Jawncast 95 – Admiral Robocop

Ronnie-James-Dio_Heaven-N-Hell_2009-06-11_Chicago_Photoby_Adam-BielawskiEpisode 95 is dedicated to the memory of Ronnie James Dio. EA declare Nintendo The Last In Line as they announce they have no Wii U games in development, Nintendo is more than just Hungry For Heaven when it takes ad revenue from Youtube videos featuring footage from their games, and Bill and Martin Stand Up and Shout in their spoiler packed Star Trek Into Darkness review. Please share, rate, interact with us through the links below we love you all, our Rock ‘n’ Roll Children.

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Nerdy Little Secrets
Deep Dungeons of Doom for Ouya/Android/iOS
Marathoning Arrested Development before the new episodes are released


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