The Super Jawncast 102 – Catnado

The Super Jawncast 102 – Catnado

conjuringIt’s a special episode of The Super Jawncast this week as Martin is joined by Sharon from Cinemosity(also Martin’s wife) and De Ana from Nerdgasm Noire Network returns! They talk a couple of the hottest movie events of the moment, those being The Conjuring and Sharknado! They go into the background of the real life Ed and Lorraine Warren that feature in The Conjuring, plus check out the video below that shows the notorious room of haunted artifacts Lorraine Warren has in her home. Also The Asylum are exposed, learn about their dastardly schemes to make shitty movies and trick you into watching them. They also touch on some news from San Diego Comic Con (more to come next week) and tons of tangents! Also if you really made it all the way through Sharknado, God bless you. Hope you enjoy the show, let us know how we did in the comments below or via Google+, Facebook or Twitter! Please also rate and review us on iTunes and Stitcher, see you next week!

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