The Super Jawncast 103 – Sexual Deviancy Arena

The Super Jawncast 103 – Sexual Deviancy Arena

cowboy-spideyThe result of the temporary brain damage done by playing Cards Against Humanity,episode 103 of The Super Jawncast is a terrifying look into the minds of three disturbed men. Bizarre solutions to the stalemates in the Congress and Senate! Toby Keith as Spider-Man? Yep! Petty arguments over comic book characters? Enough to fill the worst SDCC you can imagine. So much other random and gross stuff you may need to shower afterwards. Please, folks, don’t play Cards Against Humanity and then record a podcast unless you’re willing to live with the consequences. Share, rate and all that good stuff! Love you!

Here’s a link to buy Cards Against Humanity because you want to be a depraved monster too.

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