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Cinemosity 26 – Robin Hood: The Ghost of Sherwood

This looks way cooler than anything that happens in the movie.
This looks way cooler than anything that happens in the movie.
Not the best week for gossip but the Cinemosity crew delivers what they can, included rumors of the huge, giant, massive amounts of money being offered to actors for them to continue to play characters from goddamn comic books. Then the movie for this week, hoo boy! Everybody thought Branded was the bottom, that things couldn’t get any worse. Then ROBIN HOOD: THE GHOST OF SHERWOOD came along and proved to be one of the most poorly, incompetently made movies perhaps of all time. The incredibly long stretches of dialog delivered GHOST OF SHERWOOD’s horrendously inexperienced and untalented cast makes for one of the most interminable and dreadful films ever made. Just listen to Martin’s enraged rantings to truly understand the extreme dreadfulness that is ROBIN HOOD: THE GHOST OF SHERWOOD. Avoid like the plague. There is no possible way next week’s movie, Death Race 2 can be as bad right? RIGHT?!

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