The Super Jawncast 105 – CROSSFYAH!!!

The Super Jawncast 105 – CROSSFYAH!!!

Heat vision and gamma rays and shit.
Heat vision and gamma rays and shit.
Founder and organizer of Omega Con Keith joins the guys this week to talk about his inaugural event this coming August 25th in Bensalem, PA. There will be a multitude of dealer tables selling everything from Transformers to video games to wrestling DVDs, plus special guests including voice actor master Phil LaMarr! The guys themselves will be there peddling their wares, so check out the event for a mere $5 which also gives you a raffle ticket to win one of several awesome prizes. Even better there will be a CROSSFIRE TOURNAMENT! The guys also talk about rich actors getting richer because of comics, Ubuntu’s beautiful failure to raise $32 million via crowdfunding, HTC spending $2 billion on new marketing and rebranding, and the unceremonious dumping of Phillies great Charlie Manuel. Martin also squeezes in a review of Elysium. A quality show so check it out and we’ll see you at Omega Con!

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