The Super Jawncast 108 – The Slasher Film and Those That Have Slashed

The Super Jawncast 108 – The Slasher Film and Those That Have Slashed

slasher-filmIt’s the month of October and to continue our Jawncast celebration of everything Halloween and horror-centric, we have a whole episode talking about the much beloved (and maligned) slasher film in all of it’s various forms. Martin is joined by horror fan extraordinaire Ashlee of the Official Women in Horror Podcast and her blog Quirks & Splatters where they cover the slasher film in depth. Starting with the origins of the genre they then talk about the major slasher franchises that reigned over horror in the 80’s such as Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm St. They also talk about Scream and how the slasher fared in the 90’s (not very well) before talking about whether there are any worthwhile slasher films still coming out and whether we need to look to independent film makers for the future of the slasher. This might be a heck of a primer for those not too well versed in the way of the slasher as the podcast is filled with recommendations both old and new, well known and obscure. Allow the knowledge to wash over you like an enormous torrent of blood from the thousands slashed to death. Or not, we’re an open minded bunch.

There is also a brief discussion about the piece recently posted to Badass Digest called Where Are the Female Horror Filmmakers. Does this article do women in horror justice or does it leave us with more questions than answers?

Next week expect a conversation about that most popular of horror genres, ZOMBIES! And yes, 28 Days Later is a zombie movie so shut up. Got any opinions on zombie movies or any favorite slashers? Comment below or hit us up on social media and tell us how wrong we are. Thanks for listening!

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Some Slasher Recommendations From the Show
Peeping Tom
Black Christmas
Friday the 13th
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Initiation
Happy Birthday to Me
When a Stranger Calls
Slumber Party Massacre
Prom Night
House on Sorority Row
My Bloody Valentine
The Prowler
Sleepaway Camp – NOTE: do not even read about the sequels until you see the first movie!
Cold Prey (AKA Fritt vilt)
Dream Home

Miss any? Let us know!

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