Cinemosity 42 – Tactical Force

Cinemosity 42 – Tactical Force

Gossip comin’ atchya! Bask in the glory of what will be the most epic trilogy of weddings in all of history when Kanye and Kim tie the knot! Then it’s TACTICAL FORCE starring same-sex wedding proponent “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Michael Jai White, and a host of great b-movie and TV character actors like Lexa Doig, Darren Shahlavi, Michael Shanks and MMA star “The Dean of Mean” Keith Jardine! This one was fun and worth checking out.

Next week join us for Michael Mann’s bizarre early-80’s horror fantasy THE KEEP. It is available to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly and Amazon Prime though keep in mind that the Amazon version does not have the original Tangerine Dream soundtrack if you care about that sort of thing.

Also we are throwing down the gauntlet to all listeners! If you give us a good review on iTunes you can choose a bad movie for us to watch! Just put your movie title at the end of the review and as our thanks to you we will put ourselves through whatever punishing cinematic atrocity you want.

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