Cinemosity 47 – Blood and Bone

Cinemosity 47 – Blood and Bone


Cinemosity is back with scandalous Beyonce gossip and lots, lots more. Martin shows great restraint in his ranting about Star Wars episodes 1-3 and did you know Kamille loves Stargate? Then the movie is BLOOD AND BONE, a fantastic martial arts movie in the spirit of the great Bruce Lee as the Patron Saint of Cinemosity Michael Jai White kicks the shit out of a bunch of people. It also has Eamonn Walker, Bob Sapp, Kimbo Slice and Dante Bosco, yes, Rufio from Hook!

Next week’s movie is the 1999 Cronenberg film EXISTENZ with Judge Law and Jennifer Jason Lee. It’s weird and fleshy and gross and it’s on a bunch of different streaming services so go find it you lazy jerk. If you want to make us watch a bad movie leave us a good review on Stitcher or iTunes and we will review ANYTHING that you suggest. Unless it’s something really gross and morally reprehensible, like a Rob Schneider movie or something.

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