Cinemosity 48 – eXistenZ

Cinemosity 48 – eXistenZ

existenz_controllerCinemosity 48 has that gossip and movie news you love, people having babies and stuff like that. Also, the LAST TIME we speak of ANT MAN ever again. OOPS, and Martin got set off on a rant about Star Trek Into Darkness, it wasn’t his fault. Then, how about a game console grown from animal DNA that sorta has nipples and a clitoris? Why, it’s David Cronenberg’s bewildering 1999 allegorical mess eXistenZ. Yes, make sure you write it as eXistenZ or you miss that crazy late-90’s vibe where it was cool to do weird spelling like putting numbers in things TO THE MAX. eXistenZ.

Next week it’s Tyler Perry’s attempt at being in something he didn’t write/produce/direct/cater/star in, ALEX CROSS. The James Patterson character played by Morgan Freeman is now a tall, nondescript schlubby guy. But don’t worry, Matthew Fox puts in a demented performance in an attempt to entertain.

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