Cinemosity 57 – Street Dance

Cinemosity 57 – Street Dance

robin_williams_tribute_by_artofwei-d7uxf2xNot the most cheerful episode of Cinemosity this week, folks. We reflect on the sad passing of both Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Particularly Robin Williams and his battles with depression and mental illness. If some of the things we say about depression and suicide hit home a little know that you are loved and you will be understood, you are never alone. I wrote this a couple of years ago and hopefully it helps.

So the gossip is full of breakups, Martin ranting AGAIN about a Richard Prior movie and a movie that wasn’t terribly inspiring: STREET DANCE. Go find How She Move instead it’s a vastly superior dance movie.

Hopefully our next episode will be more fun as we take a look at a pretty new film, STAGE FRIGHT which came out earlier this year and just hit Netflix Watch Instantly where a summer theater camp suffers from a crazed killer. It’s got Minnie Driver and Meat Loaf!

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