It Came From the Indies – The Drownsman

It Came From the Indies – The Drownsman

THE DROWNSMAN - TEASER POSTER FINAL WEBWelcome to the new flagship show for the new Nerdy Little Secret! It Came From the Indies is dedicated to pushing the cause of independent genre film and entertainment with interviews, features, and any other way we can spread the word about this thriving film scene.

Join Martin and Ashlee as they talk THE DROWNSMAN with producer Christopher Giroux, director/co-writer/producer Chad Archibald and two of the stars, Syndey Kondruss and Clare Bastable. They are bringing back the 80’s style strong horror antagonist with The Drownsman, a character meant to stand next to the likes of Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and The Candyman.


Being that The Drownsman was shot in a harsh Canadian winter and featured a lot of scenes that involved a great amount of water they share their stories of the trials and tribulations of a difficult, but fruitful shoot. It’s a great listen as cast and crew tell stories from the set and really prove a great example of the passion and desire to make great horror that is so unique to the independent genre scene.

On top of that Chad and Christopher also talk about EJECTA, a sci-fi horror that they worked on which was written by Tony Burgess of Pontypool fame. Chris also gives some exclusive news on their next project, and it’s a sequel!

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