It Came From the Indies 3 – Mattie Do

It Came From the Indies 3 – Mattie Do


“I’m giving them a taste of the potato salad in Laos… it’s really damn spicy, tastes like fish and might have chicken assholes in it.” – Mattie Do

Mattie Do made history in her ancestral home of Laos by becoming their first ever female film director while also making the country’s first ever horror movie: Chantaly. Mattie followed that up with an extremely successful IndieGoGo campaign for her second film Dearest Sister. What makes Mattie Do such an interesting and important figure is that she is bringing real cultural change to the tiny country of Laos, the equipment purchased from her crowd funding efforts will be made available to all Laos film makers. The long term effects of her efforts could be amazingly important to the country as whole, helping put Laos on the map. As if that’s not enough Mattie Do is also incredibly charming, totally hilarious and a great interview! We really had so much fun talking with her and hearing her come out with such gems as the one quoted above. We love being able to feature female directors being able to fulfill their passion for film and we hope you enjoy and maybe even learn a little by hearing Mattie Do’s story.

Also, as promised we got a screener for THE DROWNSMAN and we give our thoughts on what proved to be an extremely entertaining horror movie in the classic 80’s style.

Next week we talk to Dan Smith who is developing a desert horror film with a strong black female cast unlike anything else that’s out at the moment. Until next week you can learn more about Savage Sistas on the offical website

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