Indie Genre News Attack For 08/14/14

Indie Genre News Attack For 08/14/14

battery2Alright lets do this, I’m going to try and pull together a load of links, videos and what have you that should be relevant to those looking for indie genre news! So lets get started with the movie I refuse to shut up about, THE BATTERY

SXSW Film 2014 might have just happened a few months ago but things are already gearing up for the next event in March 2015. Part of SXSW is that they will take recommendations for potential panel ideas and O’hannah Films is hoping to get the votes they need to have a panel about the making of their superb zombie horror/character piece The Battery. For those who I have yet to rave at about this film, it was made for a mere $6000 but turned out to be one of the most beautiful and affecting films of 2013 and I love the film and having talked to actor/writer/director Jeremy Gardner and cinematographer Christian Stella they are really awesome guys with a lot of stories to tell! You can vote for their panel here and I encourage you to leave a comment explaining your vote also. Need some more convincing? Check out the trailer to Tools of Ignorance: The Making of The Battery.

Scarecrow Video in Seattle is one of the last great video stores housing an incredible 120,000 titles on nearly every format you can think of. Unfortunately even a business with such an expansive collection has been struggling in a world where Netflix and VOD have crushed the competition. As reported by The Dissolve the decision has been made to create The Scarecrow Project on Kickstarter, the end goal being Scarecrow Video closing and then reopening as a non-profit. They are very much on their way to meeting their goal with 33 days less to go but go check out their superb selection of perks which include sponsoring titles in the collection or even being able to curate your own section! I really gotta visit Seattle.

TRAILER CORNER is packed this week as so many nifty, insane, and creative-looking projects are putting themselves out there vying for your Future Bucks.

THE EDITOR is the latest from indie genre film collective ASTRON-6 who have a bevy of short films to their names as long as two features: Father’s Day and Manborg. Their latest is heavily influenced by the Italian Giallo horror sub-genre which is fertile grounds for all kinds of crazy shit. Along with Astron-6 regulars you will see Udo Kier and Tristan Risk (American Mary) and it’s premiering as part of the Toronto International Film Festival next month!

MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH depicts man wasting away in his apartment by himself discovers a batch of talking mold voiced by JEFFREY frickin’ COMBS that claims he can help him clean up and better his life. I get strong vibes from Frank Henenlotter’s way under-seen Brain Damage and can’t wait to see how this movie turns out.

DEEP DARK has a not too dissimilar premise to Motivational Growth in some ways, a failed sculptor discovered a talking hole in his wall that promises to fulfill his wildest dreams, but stylistically they are very different. This is a very pretty-looking movie from first time feature director Michael Medaglia so keep an eye on this one.

Finally is THE FRAME that my co-host Ashlee brought to my attention. For those who saw Ink this is the return feature film from director Jamin Winans. This wins the week’s award for MOST GORGEOUS TRAILER as this is a piece of work in it’s own right, matching imagery to a gradually building piece of music it is compelling and exciting. Jamin Winans has a distinctive eye for visuals (just look at this trailer for Ink) and this trailer totally blew me away.

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