It Came From the Indies – Michael Chance

It Came From the Indies – Michael Chance

whipping_boyThis week Martin talks to Michael Chance, director of the superb short film Project Arbiter and the upcoming contest entry Whipping Boy. Michael’s techniques and ways of doing things really shine through in his current projects, this is a guy who understands how the Internet can be used to source talent and to gain followings and it will be exciting to see what he and his creative partners come up with next. Project Arbiter is posted after the jump along with a couple project teasers and once Whipping Boy is available to watch we will definitely let y’all know.

Also, Martin was left a little befuddled by the BFI’s very arbitrary list of the best horror movies of the century so far. What would your pick be? Let us know on your favored social media platform!

Thanks for listening and enjoy the clips after the jump.

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