It Came From the Indies – Tristan Risk

It Came From the Indies – Tristan Risk

LMR_10Tristan Risk is a neo burlesque performer of considerable renown who has wowed audiences around the world. Tristan caught the eye of many a horror fan after her scene-stealing performance as Beatress Johnson in Jen and Sylvia Soska’s AMERICAN MARY. Now in high demand Tristan Risk has a great number of projects available now and coming soon including ABCS OF DEATH 2, Astron 6’s THE EDITOR, FETISH FACTORY and MANIA. Not only a distinctive performer, Tristan is also gracious, hilarious, and utterly charming and makes for a really fun interview. Can Martin stop being an awkward nerd long enough to talk to this lovely woman of horror?! Stay tuned!

Tristan Risk’s official website

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