It Came From the Indies – Mattie Do Returns!

It Came From the Indies – Mattie Do Returns!

mattie_doMattie Do is the First Lady of Laos Film, a filmmaker who is poised to become a transformative cultural figure for her ancestral home of Laos. We first spoke to Mattie in August last year and she totally won us over with her personality, wit and determination. For her return to It Came From the Indies Mattie speaks on her experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival, how her second feature Dearest Sister is coming along and also some of the cultural issues that she faces as a Laos filmmaker. Mattie Do and Martin talk about white privilege, the frustrating success of “poverty porn” filmmaking, and how she is working to change things for the people of Laos. Mattie Do is incredibly engaging, charming and hilarious and is truly an inspiring figure. We really hope you take the time to hear her stories and appreciate the work she is doing.

The first It Came from the Indies interview with Mattie Do
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