It Came From the Indies – Ghoul

It Came From the Indies – Ghoul

GHOUL Key ArtCzech actor turned director Petr Jákl has just seen his new film GHOUL hit VOD and theaters in the United States. Ghoul tells the story of a documentary team that travels to the Ukraine to find out the terrible famine it suffered in 1932 which actually drove many to cannibalism. Intersecting with this is the legacy of notorious serial killer and cannibal Andrei Chikatilo who despite having been executed continues to haunt the hearts and minds of the community he belonged to.

Petr talks about why these stories appealed to him and how he developed them into a feature film. He talks about immersing the cast of Ghoul in the impoverished areas of the Ukraine where real villagers recall their actual stories of the terrible acts that were committed decades earlier. Deliberately keeping his cast on edge with stories of what might be lurking in the darkness of night, Petr strove for authenticity and spent THREE years in post-production to perfect the look, sound and feel of Ghoul. Other topics include the appeal to Eastern Europeans getting to see their own stories and why Petr finds real life stories so suitable for making film.

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