It Came From the Indies – Steve Kostanski/The Void

It Came From the Indies – Steve Kostanski/The Void

the_void“…the experience of making it I hope embodies everything that I imagined making an 80’s monster movie would be… Right down to a crew of guys in the shop wearing heavy metal shirts and listening to WASP.”

There’s no Heaven, but there’s actually a place worse than Hell. THE VOID.

Steven Kostanski is a filmmaker, special effects artist and all-round super creative dude who is a member of the Canadian filmmaking collective Astron-6. His output includes Manborg, Bio-Cop, W is for Wish from ABCs of Death 2 and Lazer Ghosts: Escape From Lazer Cove. He and fellow Astron-6 member Jeremy Gillespie launched an Indiegogo campaign for their next movie THE VOID and are looking to make a gory creature feature in the glorious 80’s horror style. Their campaign is full of great ideas, diverse and exciting perks and unparalleled levels of fan interaction which uniquely harness the amazing fanbase Steve and Jeremy have inspired with their films. It’s no wonder Martin is practically giddy about the potential this project holds as he fanboys all over the place.

Also included are important questions about why Steve thinks Robocop 3 is better than Robocop 2 and the Power/Rangers fan film and the difference between seriousness and sincerity.


All art borrowed from the official Facebook page for The Void

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