It Came From the Indies – Mike Mendez

It Came From the Indies – Mike Mendez

Mike fucking Mendez! Martin was ridiculously excited to talk to Mike Mendez, director of one of his favorite horror movies THE CONVENT. Martin totally fanboys his way through a great 90 plus minute conversation with Mike Mendez which covers his current projects and his early work THE KILLERS and THE CONVENT that have strong cult followings. Mike has two projects upcoming: LAVALANTULA coming to SyFy in August and then October sees horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN both of which have a lot of recognizable names both in front of and behind the screen.


Mike Mendez is a survivor, a dedicated filmmaker who has worked his ass off for years to do what he loves. He’s faced some lulls in his career and some hurdles to negotiate but one cannot help but be inspired by how Mike has always been able to get back on that horse. We get to benefit too! Despite what you may think about a movie called BIG ASS SPIDER Mike is not an Asylum-type crapmeister like a Thunder Levin, this is a genuinely talented director who puts his all into everything he makes. We hope you enjoy this talk and hopefully get inspired by Mike Mendez and his great attitude which has allowed him to overcome adversity and still get to do what he loves.


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Next week our guest is Drew Bolduk who co-directed crazed exploitation/splatter throwback THE TAINT and directed his new sci-fi/adventure/comedy/horror SCIENCE TEAM!

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