Cinemosity 87 – Creep 2014

Cinemosity 87 – Creep 2014

creep2It’s heartbreak, lawsuits, casting news and creepy dudes this week on Cinemosity! People break up, more lawsuits surrounding Empire continue, kickass casting news, AND GENE WILDER MIGHT BE COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT! WHOO!!!! Our movie this week is the supremely creepy found footage movie CREEP starring Eric Brice and one of entertainment’s busiest men Mark Duplass. They also co-wrote the film and Brice directed this tale of a well-meaning man who tries to help a man suffering from cancer shoot a video for his son. What follows is wonderfully sinister and ambiguous and you should totally check that shit out on Netflix!

Our next movie is LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS which looks like a jolly good fun horror romp so join us for that next week! Thanks for listening!


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