Cinemosity 88 – Love in the Time of Monsters

Cinemosity 88 – Love in the Time of Monsters

love_monsters1Sorry this one is a little late! Lots of news this episode including the sad passing of civil rights pioneer Julian Bond, Yvonne Craig who stole millions of hearts as Batgirl, and b-movie director David A. Prior perhaps best known for DEADLY PREY.

Our movie for this episode is LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS, a horror comedy with a cast that includes horror icons Kane Hodder and Doug Jones! Mutated flesh-eaters clad in Bigfoot costumes are on the loose in a remote tourist trap! We really liked this one but had some constructive criticism that we try and deliver with love and appreciation for the great deal of fun to be had with this movie. You can find it on pretty much whatever VOD platform you prefer and if you love practical special effects there’s definitely a lot to enjoy!


Our next movie is HERCULES from 2014 starring that guy Dwayne Johnson. You might have heard of him.

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