Cinemosity 92 – White God

Cinemosity 92 – White God

hagen2Welcome to Cinemosity the 92nd! Ridley Scott and co. do it again with The Martian, new TV shows for Nicki Minaj and the Serial podcast, and Meryl Streep and Time Out London suffer from a severe case of whiteness. Als, F. Gary Grey is getting some great job offers, “Xander Returns” the apparently an actual name for a movie, and what’s the latest 90’s genre film getting a remake?

Our film is WHITE GOD which we all agreed is without a doubt the best movie we have ever reviewed on the show. We have liked other movies before but White God is an absolute masterpiece on just about every level and we REALLY want you to see it!

We are launching our Festivities of Fear for the rest of October with our next movie CURSE II: THE BITE. Don’t read anything about it (the IMDb plot summary totally spoils the fun!), just check it out! It’s on Youtube for free so you have no excuse! Enjoy the gooey snake-related special effects! Plus Jill Schoelen is in it and if you don’t think she’s adorable we don’t know what to do with you.

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