Cinemosity 94 – Stitches

Cinemosity 94 – Stitches


stitches3 Everybody happy? Stuff happened this week, especially STAR WARS. That’s a big thing that everybody is going to see and it looks great. ALSO, Lamar Odom is all fucked up, Oprah makes (more) millions, Laverne Cox is going to be in a reboot of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the catastrophe that will undoubtedly be a Mary Poppins “extension” whatever the fucking hell that means. Martin and Kamille get a bit upset about that one.

Luckily our movie this week is the super fun STITCHES where stand-up comedian Ross Noble plays a vengeful undead clown whose grisly murders and associated bad puns would make Freddy proud. It’s a gory good time, though it probably won’t help you with your fear of clowns. Stitches is a riot though.

Next week we are doing a TWO MOVIE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL~! Sharon’s fears are realized in the Dutch classic from 1988 THE VANISHING and then we couldn’t go without doing a Halloween-themed movie so we’re also doing HACK-O-LANTERN! It’s a supremely goofy low budget horror flick about Satanism in a small town and it contains a fantastic heavy metal band dream sequence. You can find both movies on embedded from Youtube after the break or you can check out The Vanishing in much better quality with your Hulu Plus subscription. Enjoy!

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