Cinemosity 95 – The Vanishing & Hack-O-Lantern

Cinemosity 95 – The Vanishing & Hack-O-Lantern


hack2Something a little different for this week’s HALLOWEEN SPECIAL episode! No gossip or news this week just TWO movies. The first is the absolute classic, 1988’s THE VANISHING from Holland. As part of our explorations of peoples’ fears during our Festivities of Fear The Vanishing evokes many a chill through it’s devastating story. If you haven’t seen it please check it out on Hulu Plus or Youtube because we spoil this one. We urge you watch this amazing film!

Secondly is no classic but a movie that Martin loves, HACK-O-LANTERN! In stark contrast to the expert writing, directing and acting of The Vanishing, Hack-O-Lantern is a wonderful example of absolute nonsense bad movie making with Hy Pike’s demented performance at the center of it. This movie is badshit insane and a great bad movie, we spoil this one too so you may way to go ahead and check this out on Youtube too, it’s so gloriously terrible! Happy Halloween!

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