Cinemosity 96 – Extracted

Cinemosity 96 – Extracted


Rihanna dumping Victoria’s Secret, why people need to leave Halle Berry alone, Black Twitter fucking up for once and needlessly going after TLC, a new Star Trek show AND a new Spike Lee movie?! That’s a lot of stuff to cover and there’s so much more!

The movie for this week is EXTRACTED which will unfortunately be overlooked by many due to its generic name and cover. It’s actually a really well made high-concept sci-fi movie which makes up for a lack of budget with a great story and a fantastic cast. This one was a real surprise and we hope you’ll check it out.

On the other side of things, our next movie is THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS the much-maligned sequel to 90’s classic THE CROW. It’s awful, and we’re going to have our revenge on it next episode!

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