Cinemosity 97 – The Crow: City of Angels

Cinemosity 97 – The Crow: City of Angels


the-crow-city-of-angels-originalCinemosity is back with much speculation as to what magical powers Lil’ Wayne has that allows beautiful women to fall in love with him. Then there’s movie stuff like how Ridley Scott changed the name of his Prometheus sequel AGAIN, a big star is going to be in the new Blade Runner sequel, and more Marvel movie casting news. Then there’s bad stuff like whitewashing in Hollywood, BAD casting, and idiotic remakes! Oh and Ronda Rousey got knocked da’ fuck out! We try and talk about it with a little less of the schadenfreude that has filled cyberspace.

Then our movie is THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS, a terrible idea for a movie then edited with a blender to create one big mess of dreadful 90’s movie tropes based on a vastly superior movie. Seriously, if you remember how bad The Crow: City of Angels was back when it came out, well, it’s not aged well. In fact this might be the perfect example of all of the shitty garbage 90’s cliches of being “dark” and “edgy” with rap rock and industrial metal soundtracks. Seriously, this movie is 1000 times as dreadful as you remember.

Next week our movie is SPLIT SECOND! It’s a kickass sci-fi horror b-movie starring Rutger Hauer! You can watch it for free on Hulu or Youtube (though the Hulu version looks much nicer).

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