Cinemosity 98 – Split Second

Cinemosity 98 – Split Second

split_second2It’s DECEMBER already folks, so hopefully you survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday and are looking forward to the holiday season as much as we are! We got movie news, bad TV shows, and a little trailer for a little movie called CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR dropped. Things get a little fishy around the new MST3K, a cult favorite cartoon returns next year, and Martin gets to laugh about Damon Lindelof admitting he fucked something up AGAIN. Seriously, just google “Damon Lindelof admits” and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

This week’s movie is SPLIT SECOND starring the greatest actor ever Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall and a dog whose name is Dickhead. It’s a batshit crazy psycho-thriller-horror which makes no damn sense and it’s great. Go watch it on Youtube or Hulu!

Our next movie is HOLIDAY which is Cinemosity’s first Hindi-language film! So watch that, share and describe and thanks for listening!

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