Retro Superplex 5 – Gedo & Jado

Retro Superplex 5 – Gedo & Jado


jay_lethalPowerbombing you into Christmas it’s the fifth Retro Superplex! Martin and Justin go in on the most recent pro wrestling happenings that rounded out the year, namely WWE’s TLC, NXT Takeover and ROH Final Battle! Roman Reigns is still a dork, the NXT women stole the night at Takedown, and ROH had a fantastic show despite injuries and other issues. There are no spoilers for ROH Final Battle because you should watch it, dammit! Then there’s other nuggets of goodness like KAIJU TALK, how great El Rey is and Lucha Underground returns in January!!!

Until 2016, have a great holiday and thanks for listening! We’ll return with our FAVORITE STUFF of 2015. We love you!

Justin: Classic arcade games Elevator Action, Elevator Action Returns and The Outfoxies


Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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