Cinemosity 100th Episode Spectacular!

Cinemosity 100th Episode Spectacular!


Yeah we know this picture is fake. We don't care.
Yeah we know this picture is fake. We don’t care.

Cinemosity celebrates 100 episodes with a blast by covering two movies: Nic Cage’s STOLEN and SKIN TRADE starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa and Michael Jai White! One is surprisingly good, one is disappointingly crap. Also on the show, a look at the recent rash of celebrity deaths including the Thin White Duke David Bowie. The trio speak on the massive, near-half-century career of one of our most important pop culture figures of modern times. There is also much geeking out about STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS with mucho excitement for where things are headed for the series. Thanks for sticking with Cinemosity for 100 episodes!

Our next movie is GRAND PIANO starring Elijah Wood and John Cusak.

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