Retro Superplex 7 – Royal Rumble and Loads More Rasslin’!

Retro Superplex 7 – Royal Rumble and Loads More Rasslin’!

Ernest the Cat Miller in a fighting stance for a promotional image for his character in WCWYou’re stuck in the snow and need a good chuckle? Maybe you need a little more hype for the Royal Rumble? Join Martin and Justin in a super-sized episode of RETRO SUPERPLEX! A rasslin’ heavy episode they talk about the ROYAL RUMBLE and how battle royales are inherently a bit crap, NXT and the creation of AMERICAN ALPHA, some of the worst in-match burials in wrestling, and many more.

Also, the first THUNDERCAGE DEBATE happens next week as Martin and Justin will throw down over the G.I. JOE live action movies. Justin the purist, vs. Martin the upstart as two men enter and only THE MAN will leave!

Enjoy the Royal Rumble!

Justin: G.I. Joe for the NES
Martin: Invasion USA starring Chuck Norris and Richard Lynch

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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