Cinemosity 103 – Tangerine

Cinemosity 103 – Tangerine

A stylized picture of Sin-dee and Alexandra from the film Tangerine (2015)


Cinemosity returns yet again with the news, gossip, and movie talk you crave! CRAVE! Hear about some film and TV awards you should actually pay attention to! Plus Kanye West continues his march to being stuck with no friends left whatsoever, Rob Kardashian drove a BENTLEY for 26 hours to bail out Blac Chyna, and the other Chyna (the former wrestler) appears the most well and calm she has for quite some time and good for her!

Our film this week is the indie festival hit TANGERINE. A beautiful film with many highs and lows, all shot on an iPhone 5s to boot. Seriously, this is one brilliant little indie film and with it being on Netflix to stream, TANGERINE is one to check out especially when you talk to your smug friend. You know the one, they claim to like nothing popular unless they had heard of it first and they only buy things that are described as “artisanal.”

It’s WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH by the way so our next film is OFFICE KILLER starring and directed by awesome ladies! Check it out on the Netflix!

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