Cinemosity 104 – Office Killer

Cinemosity 104 – Office Killer

The poster shows an outline of broken glass which splits up pictures of molly ringwald, carol kane and  Jeanne TripplehornBEYONCE happened this week. Beyonce. Not even the world weary and battle hardened crew of Cinemosity were able to withstand the sheer Beyonce-ness of the past week. There was also other stuff like the near death of DMX, a bunch of casting news, and the NCAAP Image Awards happened. Also, Phil Anselmo can go fuck himself in his lily-white racist ass.

This week’s movie celebrates Women in Horror Month with OFFICE KILLER. It has a great cast including Carol Kane, Molly Ringwald and Jeanne Tripplehorn but can it give us the horror goods?

To continue our support for Women in Horror Month next episode will feature special guest Ashlee who runs Graveyard Shift Sisters and is one of the hosts of the horror podcast Girls Will Be Ghouls! She will help us talk about Freddy’s Dead: the Final Nightmare directed by Rachel Talalay! That’s going to be awesome so stay tuned!

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