It Came From the Indies – Brad Sykes Returns!

It Came From the Indies – Brad Sykes Returns!

A hand painted image of assorted monsters and heroes all entangled in goreIt Came From the Indies is back! It’s been a while but we’re finally going to be back on a regular schedule. Also returning is Brad Sykes who joined us on episode 8. In the year+ since we last spoke Brad has seen the release of HI-8 and speaks on the aftermath and what he got out of the release. Brad also talks about his involvement with the film that would eventually become Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX which is itself an interesting series of events. Finally we speak on the sequel to HI-8: HI-DEATH! It’s going to be larger in scope, darker and nastier than it’s forerunner and you’re going to need a bigger TV! There’s also chat on the current state of mainstream horror, more talk on The Hitcher, and the merits of long film franchises. A great show so check it out!

Next week we will be talking to Ryan M. Andrews: director of Black Eve, Sick: Survive the Night and his latest SAVE YOURSELF with a kickass cast. See you then!

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