Retro Superplex 9 – I Don’t Wear No Cotton Draws!

Retro Superplex 9 – I Don’t Wear No Cotton Draws!

Hitting you with a high cross, Martin and Justin are back! A packed show this week as Martin and Justin extoll the virtues of LUCHA UNDERGROUND and CHIKARA and their respective brands of incredibly entertaining lucha libre styles. They also wade into the “men vs. women in wrestling matches” debate which has been raging as of late. Plus it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH and Justin drops some knowledge about Titus O’Neil and his college backgrounds and how it relates to his ring entrance. Good stuff!

Rudy Ray Moore as the Disco Godfather dances among a crowd of women

Next week Retro Suplerplex welcomes it’s first guest! Dave Horn, the creator of the Action Arcade Wrestling series including the upcoming CHIKARA ACTION ARCADE WRESTLING! So Prepare for lots of wrestling video game talk! See you then!

[Please note that this episode was recorded pre-Bryan Danielson retirement and pre-Jim Cornette proclaiming wrestling is doomed because he watched an episode of Lucha Underground]

Justin: Crackdown for the Xbox 360
Martin: The cinematic work of RUDY RAY MOORE

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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