Cinemosity 108 – Sabotage

Cinemosity 108 – Sabotage

Arnold Schwarzenegger promotional image from Sabotage (2014) he's holding a big gun and looks menacing

GET TO DE CHOPPAH! IT’S CINEMOSITY! In a world when 50 Cent posts pictures of himself with money but saying it was all fake because he declared bankruptcy, and where amazing Women of Color are given the space to be that amazing, here we are to talk to you about it. There’s also Marvel movie news and a gaggle of other topics before our film for the week SABOTAGE.

An action film by the way of a horror movie Sabotage is chock full of disgusting, vile characters. And those are the good guys! Violence, mayhem and just outright brutal dude bro douchebaggery are all over this film like a bad rash and it’s either a complete disaster or a fascinating complete disaster. What was David Ayers even going for with this movie? Who knows but Sabotage is one of those strange box office bombs that we will never quite understand.


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