Cinemosity 109 – The Deadly Bees

Cinemosity 109 – The Deadly Bees


The lead actress suzanna leigh is shown cowering as bees approach her, the tagline reads "hives of horror!

We say goodbye to two more musical icons this week on Cinemosity. Then some famous white people say monumentally stupid things (same as every week?), DC animation is better than DC movies, and John Boyega is everybody’s biggest crush. Then it’s time for THE DEADLY BEES! They’re bees, they’re deadly, they’re terrible special effects. See how long it takes you to figure out who is in control of said deadly bees, longer than 15 minutes and you’ve failed.

Next week we’re doing SPACE MUTINY! Yes, the classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 target gets a good roasting. Even better about just watching the movie is there’s even MORE crazy stuff that got edited out of the MST3K version! You can check it out HERE


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