It Came From the Indies – Caradog James / The Machine

It Came From the Indies – Caradog James / The Machine


film director caradog james stands with his hands together against a white painted brick backdrop

Caradog James is a Welsh filmmaker responsible for Little White Lies and more recently THE MACHINE. That second film is the main source of discussion on this episode and it’s fascinating to see a film that explored a lot of the same themes as Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina but a year earlier and for a fraction of the budget. Caradog talks how he got started in filmmaking by volunteering in Africa and how from there he made it to making feature films. The Machine dominates the discussion talking about the real-life research that went into devising the story, how Caity Lotz got the role and absolutely ran with it, and the tricks and constraints of working on such a small budget. There is also some discussion about his next project Don’t Knock Twice starring Katie Sackoff (Battlestar GalacticaOculus) and Lucy Boynton. Caradog James’s approach from his extensive research to the way he collaborates with his actors, this guy loves making these movies and is a great voice in indie genre filmmaking.

The Machine is on Netflix and home video or you can purchase it digitally directly from the makers at Red and Black Films dot com

Next week Martin talks to Mickey Keating (Pod) about his new film Darling which hits VOD April 1st 2016. It stars Lauren Ashley Carter (The WomanJugface) in an unbelieveable central role so check that out next week!

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